Safety & Security

Building Security

The safety and security of your child is the most important responsibility entrusted to our centers. We understand that when you are away from your child, you must feel comfortable that your child is as safe and secure as possible. Sunbrook Academies have the most secure buildings in the area featuring:

  • Secure front doors with automatic locks and closers
  • Front door security code pads
  • Owner or Director on-site and monitoring front door from open to close
  • Computer check-in and check-out of all students
  • Biometric Fingerprint ID (at most locations)
  • Time and identity stamped receipt system for drop-off and pick-up
    (at most locations)
  • Staff trained on lock down and emergency procedures


kidreportsSunbrook Academy uses KidReports to connect to parents in real time throughout the day. Using KidReports’ electronic daily sheet technology, parents can receive real-time updates via email or text message.

You can sign up at the KidReports website and choose what kinds of alerts you want to receive. Typical alerts include diaper changes, eat schedule, toilet training progress, learning activities, and naps. You can enroll an unlimited number of recipients, so grandparents or other relatives can stay updated as well.

ZONO Sanitech

zono-sanitechEvery Sunbrook Academy location uses ZONO Sanitech, an eco-friendly sanitizing system for disinfecting stuffed animals, toys, sleeping mats, cots, blankets, pillows, crayons, and more. ZONO is designed for items that cannot easily be washed or sanitized and it does so without using harsh chemicals.

ZONO Sanitech disinfects both porous and nonporous surfaces by using ozone from ambient air and less than a half ounce of water. It kills lice and 99.9% of viruses. Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizers in nature and has been used since the 1900s as an organic sanitizer. It is recognized by the CDC and the World Health Organization as an efficient sanitizing agent.

Our staff is able to sanitize items all day long with ZONO and it serves an important part of our health and safety policies.