Junior Toddlers

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Junior Toddlers

Age Range:
12 - 24 months
Areas of Learning:

Social Skills

Baby Signs®

Developing Creative Potential

Our Junior Toddlers are generally 12 months to 24 months and are a busy group! Learning to perfect the art of walking, climbing, sliding, and riding helps build their gross motor skills that are essential as the children progress from infancy to toddlerhood.

This stage is a critical time for us to help build the foundation of their self-confidence. The Junior Toddler room is the first room where the child is completely on the center’s schedule. The toddler should be eating the center’s food and napping once a day on a mat or cot. The goal for our toddler teachers is to guide and encourage the student’s sense of discovery, support active learning, motivate exploration, and create secure connections.

  • Daily Schedules are posted inside and outside of the room
  • Weekly lesson plans posted
  • Monthly newsletters including home technology and literacy links sent home
  • Sheets and linens laundered in-house weekly
  • All 9 Learning Domains of the Foundations Curriculum are taught each day
  • 49 Learning Objectives are tracked, documented, and assessed
  • Rooms set up and organized to support learning with a different theme each month
  • Language and Literacy areas with books purchased and rotated monthly to support topic
  • Science area with real and found items to support each monthly topic
  • Dramatic Play area
  • Math and Manipulative table
  • Creative Development area with art and crafts posted and updated
  • 2 Outdoor Physical Development times per day, weather permitting
  • All contact surfaces and toys sanitized 3 times per day
  • Daily sheets are completed for every student each day to update parents on all learning activities, meal information, along with diapering and memorable moments
  • Electronic Daily Sheets at select locations with the ability to update parents immediately via email or text on all activities, nap, and diapering
  • Photos of memorable moments sent on a daily basis