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Age Range:
6 weeks - 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Social Skills

Baby Signs®

Developing Creative Potential

Infants are very special to us at Sunbrook Academy. We offer a loving and caring environment where nurturing and physical affection are given freely. The latest psychological studies demonstrate that infancy is the most important time in a child’s life. This is the time when bonding (the process of building strong, lasting emotional ties), feelings of self-worth, confidence, independence, and fears (both healthy and unhealthy) are rooted for a lifetime.

We are dedicated to maintaining the strong bonds of intimacy, warmth, and security that your child enjoys at home with you. We are also committed to meeting your child’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs while he or she is in our care. Your child will experience an opportunity for learning all day, every day in our infant rooms.

  • Personal cribs and mattresses, never shared
  • Laundry completed on-site, each day, for all linen and sheets
  • Customized feeding and nap plans provided by parents and executed by teachers
  • Two daily outside times, weather permitting
  • 9 Domains and 49 Learning Objectives tracked, documented and assessed
  • Daily physical fitness activities, including baby yoga
  • Contact surfaces and toys sanitized three times per day
  • Daily sheets to update parents on all learning activities, memorable moments, along with documented meal and diapering information
  • Electronic daily sheets at select locations with the ability to update parents immediately via email or text on all activities, naps, and diapering.
  • Photos of memorable moments are sent on a daily basis.