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Our daughter has been at Sunbrook since she was in the infant room. We have loved ❤️ every teacher she has had! The staff is so wonderful and so caring towards the children. Our daughter loves her school and enjoys going each day! The school is very clean, organized, and friendly. This school has been a blessing to us in caring for our daughter!

Leigh Barnes 5 stars - Excellent

We ABSOLUTELY love this day school. My son attends the Georgia PreK program here and we have never felt more comfortable. After staying home with me for 4 years. The transition seemed terrifying but went so smoothly! The school is beautifully clean and the staff is always there to greet at the door with the smile. These ladies go above and beyond.

Wendy Prewett 5 stars - Excellent

Such an exception school! I love that any time I call to check on my son, they actually go to his class and look at him. I know they will call me for any issue or concern! I also love the email updates complete with photos at the end of the day! Thanks for taking such great care of my baby for the past 3 years!

Alison Phillips 5 stars - Excellent

My now 2-yr-old son has been at Sunbrook Academy for five months, and I am very pleased with the facility as well as his teachers. It is a safe place for him to enjoy spending time with other children as well as be exposed to a daily routine that includes educational and fun activities. Thank you to his teachers who work extremely hard to keep all children in line, yet still take the time to post photos and videos as well as updates throughout the day so I can see how my son is doing. Very grateful for all your efforts, love and kindness!

Daniela Dudas 5 stars - Excellent

We have only been in GA for a year. And one of the things I love the most is this daycare! I cannot praise them enough for their hospitality, safety prevention, and development for my child! Love this center and their staff!!!

Summer Elliott 5 stars - Excellent

Our two gals have thrived here! We started them at Sunbrook when I decided to go back to work after being a stay at home mom (ages 2 and 5). Both gals loved it and have always been excited to go. The staff made our transition super easy and they understood all the emotions that arose for the kiddos and for the mama!

The 5 year old learned so much during the pre-k program, and has loved the summer camp activities. She has now started K5 at a private school where her knowledge is in line with what they would expect. Kuddos to Ms. Dawn and the program. For the 2 year old, the teachers are patient and loving. They have helped with potty training and all the things you would expect plus more. The whole facility is focused on what is best for your child and work hard to help families keep all the balls in the air.

Thanks for all you do Sunbrook!!

Kathy 5 stars - Excellent

I cannot say enough good things about Sunbrook. My daughter is so happy coming to school everyday. It is more like a family at this facility. I feel like my daughter is very loved by all the staff not just her teachers. She has had Ms. Deanna, Crystal, and now Ms. Donna. They have all loved on my daughter and made her feel so special. She has only been in Ms.Donnas class the pk 4s for a week and I can already tell a difference. I just know she will thrive. Thank you Hope and all the staff at Sunbrook for going above and beyond for our family.

Jennifer Vishnubhotla 5 stars - Excellent

Bay Springs Academy has been a wonderful experience! My son loves to come to school each day, and that gives me a peace of mind knowing that he is comfortable in his learning environment.

The curriculum provided offers an exceptional education, and I would highly recommend this program.

Petty Family 5 stars - Excellent

My daughter started Sunbrook at Chapel Hill in 2015 at the age of 1. I can give many reasons why I’m in love this school from the “kids report app” that keep you updated daily with pictures, meals, lesson plans, and more. To staff from the Director all the way up to pre-k4 my 2year can name just about everyone there. That’s how much the entire staff interact with my child. I recommend Sunbrook to parents in the Douglasville area!

Diamond Russell 5 stars - Excellent

We have been taking our 4 year old to Sunbrook for 2 years now and we absolutely love it. Every staff member is amazing and care for my child like he was their own. I couldn’t ask for a better staff! The directors are top of the line and are passionate about their job. My son is excited to go to school every day and sometimes doesn’t want to leave! He is excelling everyday thanks to the teachers. Thank you to all the staff at Sunbrook! I appreciate you all and love every last one of you!!

Robin Widdowson 5 stars - Excellent

My daughter Shelby has been attending Sunbrook Academy since she was 1 years old. Prior to Sunbrook, Shelby was at another daycare (that should remain nameless) however, the care of my child is night and day. At her old daycare, all they did was watch the children or let a TV babysit. Sunbrook is a school of enrichment. Shelby has grown so much since attending Sunbrook. It says a lot, when your child will jump out of your arms and into the arms of her teacher. She can care less if I stick around. I trust Sunbrook with the well-being of my daughter. Even when Cobb County Schools have school closures, my oldest, Skyler attends. Skyler tells me she has so much fun she sometimes would rather attend daycare with her baby sister. I have to remind her that she is 8. But even while at Sunbrook when school is out, the teachers are creative in coming up with different activities for the older children as well. I could not have asked for a better school for my girls to go too!

Amber Elise 5 stars - Excellent

I can tell you we were very hesitant to send our 2 yr old here but I thank God every day for this wonderful staff. There was no transition and everyone was so welcoming. This by far is much superior to other centers and I checked them all. Very clean and bright but most importantly, my daughter is so happy. They even let me work with the head chef to accommodate my daughters allergy. Just amazing!!

Jennifer Tiscione 5 stars - Excellent

I visited Sunbrook at Stilesboro and immediately was greeted at the door with friendly smiles and I felt very welcomed. My first impressions were that this facility is VERY clean, organized and friendly. I had the opportunity to meet the GA PreK teachers and was blown away at how professional and positive they were. It was very clear the children loved to be there. Very impressed and will recommend this Sunbrook to all of my friends and family. Emily, the director, and her staff were wonderful to meet with!

Kayla Robinson 5 stars - Excellent

I absolutely Love, Love, Love Sunbrook Academy. My son has been there since Dec. 2015 and I’ve been extremely pleased with the cleanliness of the facility, and definitely the love and care they give my 1-year-old. They go above and beyond to give me a great peace of mind and to know that my son is in great hands.

Markeya Walker 5 stars - Excellent

Bay Springs has amazing teachers who go above and beyond for the children in their care every day. As a first-time parent who had no choice but to rely on daycare when my child was an infant, I thought daycare would be a nightmare, but Miss Danica, Miss Emily, and Miss Estela put my mind at ease right away. My son is always learning new things, and he’s always happy to get to school in the mornings. These wonderful women have given Luke a great start in the right direction!

Courtney Winfrey 5 stars - Excellent

Best daycare/Pre-K program. My daughter cried everyday I dropped her off at her last school and now she wakes up every morning and ask if she can go to school. A special thanks to Ms. Renee and Ms. Michelle for loving my child as if she was their own.

Holly Autry

My oldest attended Sunbrook at Legacy Park when Kelly Williams was the Director there. Shortly after his birth, we were told that he has Down syndrome. I was worried that finding a childcare facility that would accept him would be a problem, but Kelly could not have been more amazing. They were so accommodating with all of his extra needs and he thrived there. They welcomed his therapists there for sessions, they worked with special feeding plans, we always collaborated on when it would be appropriate to move him up to the next room/class, etc. They treated him like any other kiddo, and I will forever be grateful for the care, concern and love they showered him with those first few critical years of his life. You will not find better hands to leave your child in than Kelly’s.

Laura Yarbrough 5 stars - Excellent

Woodstock just got even better! We moved to Woodstock two years ago as my son started kindergarten because of the great schools and the family friendly community. I started touring daycares in the area for my then two year old daughter. I had been so spoiled by the amazing Kelly and her staff that I just couldn’t find another facility that measured up. For nearly a year, I continued driving to Kennesaw (out of my way) to have my daughter stay with the wonderful Sunbrook staff and program. Ms Kelly treats all her kids and their families like they truly are her family. You are in great hands!i

Rachel Pecchi 5 stars - Excellent

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