Food and Nutrition

Sunbrook Academy is dedicated to delivering healthy meals and snacks to each of its students. The Healthy Child Nutrition Program was designed by chefs to exceed all FDA standards for portioning, and all National Building Healthy Habit Standards Grant to ensure that every a child not only gets a healthy meal, but a tasty one as well.

  • Consistent meal times posted in every room
  • Weekly menus posted and available to take home
  • Exceed all FDA requirements for portion sizes at each age-group level
  • Only Whole Grains served, no enriched flour or whole wheat (fights childhood diabetes, and heart disease)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables served daily
  • Limited sugars in daily menu
  • Allergy-sensitive menus available, and a peanut-free facility
  • Low fat and fresh proteins served daily
  • Water and Milk replaces sugary juice for most, or all meals depending on location