More than Clean : Sanitized with Zono

More than Clean : Sanitized with Zono

The height of the cold and flu season is at hand, but ask any child care center and they’ll tell you germs know no season.  Regular sanitizing is essential to keep kids and teachers healthy but, until now, involves chemicals or extreme-heated water requiring long drying times.  In addition, items like cots, costumes, plush toys, wooden blocks, crayons and markers are unable to be sanitized through these traditional methods.

As effective as bleach and other chemical sanitizers, the ZONOTM uses ozone and humidity to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standard for killing 99.9% of common bacteria* and common viruses+ on all types of surfaces, including norovirus, staph, MRSA, and more.  Ozone is recognized as an efficient sanitizing agent by the USDA, EPA, CDC, and the World Health Organization.

Zono was installed at the Douglasville and Legacy Park in Kennesaw locations and an immediate benefit was noticed.  “This revolutionizes the way we sanitize,” says President Thad Joiner.  “We are now able to sanitize any and all items our children use without chemicals.  With the ZONO, we can offer our parent’s additional reassurance of a healthy and safe environment for their children.”

The ZONO is the size of a refrigerator and items are simply loaded onto carts, wheeled into the appliance and, after a short 30-minute cycle, sanitized, dry and ready for play.  The ZONO uses less than eight ounces of water per day and costs less than three cents per cycle to operate.  The ZONO gives facilities required to meet EPA sanitizing standards, such as child care centers, a new, eco-friendly and safe option.

Sunbrook first tried the ZONO at their Legacy Park – Kennesaw location, which experienced a lower rate of illness in both children and their staff compared to their other centers, reducing sick days for teachers and time off for parents who need to stay home with a sick child. By early 2014, Zono has been installed in 5 centers across the Atlanta area.  Neel Sengupta Scallions VP Franchise Operations says “we are moving quickly to add the ZONO once we saw the results at our test center.”

The ZONO was developed by Atlanta-based engineer after staph infected members of his son’s lacrosse team.  “The infection was sourced to sports equipment that couldn’t be sanitized through washing or chemicals,” says ZONOsanitechTM President and Chief Technical Officer Walter Mann.  “I set out to find a better way.” After several years of research and prototypes, the ZONO was born.

Scallions has five centers in the Atlanta metro area.  “We were thrilled that ZONO is headquartered in Norcross just a few miles from our centers and the equipment is manufactured domestically,” says Joiner. “We are pleased to support a local business as well as the health of our community.”

MEDIA:  Interviews with parents and business owners and demonstrations of the ZONOTM, are available upon request. Contact Walter Mann at (cell) 404-394-2232 or (email)

ZONOsanitech’s core purpose is to provide safe sustainable sanitizing solutions that protect the health and welfare of all people and the earth.  President and Chief Technical Officer Walter Mann began researching sanitizing options for non-washable equipment after realizing the health risks his family faced from the bacteria and viruses in his children’s sports gear. After tireless research, he found ozone sanitizing in a humidified environment was the best solution, and was offered by no one. Based upon his research and his work experience in the medical device and food industries, he designed a cabinet in which his family could sanitize the gear based upon the best known sanitizing practices in those industries.

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