Foundations Curriculum at Sunbrook AcademySunbrook Academy developed and authored Foundations Curriculum based on having an interactive, thematic, and conceptual based program that focused on developing the “Whole Child”. Our program is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and follows the NAEYC guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices in early childhood education. Foundations begins in our infant classrooms and continues through Pre-Kindergarten and addresses all areas of development and learning content for social, emotional, physical, language, cognitive, math, science, literacy, social studies, and creative arts. Our Goal is to have each student leave our program ready for SUCCESS in Elementary School.

  • Authored by Sunbrook, based on exceeding National and State Standards for Early Learning and Development
  • Lessons updated by Committee of Sunbrook teachers monthly to stay ahead of any changes in National and State Standards, and to update based on current important events
  • 9 Learning Domains and 49 Learning Objectives taught
  • Assessment portfolios built for each student from infant through Pre-K and activities and development tracked on a daily basis
  • Historical work samples and documentation follow each student through each classroom and age-group while attending Sunbrook
  • Technology and literacy links sent home with monthly newsletter allowing parents to work with children at home and support the learning from the classroom
  • Semi-annual parent / teacher conferences to discuss development, assessments, and progression of each student

Enrichment Programs

Sunbrook Academy believes that in order to educate the whole child, enrichment activities should be added to the students’ learning day. Sunbrook has designed, authored, and in some cases, contracted with others to develop a wide range of enrichment programs for all of our age-groups including music, art, tumbling, tennis, sports, and karate.

Some or all of these are available at each center. Please see your individual center for details.